About the Owner: Dorota M. Dance

Dorota grew up in Poland and developed her passion for fashion after working in France. She emerged herself into the fashion industry and began her career. She traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa to gain exposure to various culminations and styles. Inspired by these experiences, she became an expert at finding unique, quality pieces that can be combined in creative ways. These range from casual chic to sophisticated elegance, from understated style to show-stopping statement looks, all derived from clean lines, complementary textures and strategic touches of color. 

If you are looking for a personal stylist, Dorota will provide the ultimate personalized shopping experience with attention to detail.

Seaport Village | February 2021 from Seaport Village on Vimeo.

Seaport Village is located in downtown San Diego on West Harbor Drive and Pacific Highway. A five minute drive from the airport & cruise ship terminal. The boardwalk connects with the Convention Center, Marriott Hotel & Marina, Manchester Grand Hyatt and Midway Museum.

Seaport Village
849 West Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101